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“Brooklyn’s Home Hotel”

July 8, 2008

In October 1902, the owners of this grand new structure in recently developed Crown Heights took out several ads in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, informing the public that “the word ‘hotel’ has a new meaning.” The copy seems very sincere. “Perhaps you have not associated the two ideas of ‘hotel’ and ‘home.’ In the St. Marks, the two are synonymous.”

The neighborhood around Bedford, St. Marks, and Rogers Avenues still has its share of gorgeous old buildings. The Imperial, a Montrose Morris–designed apartment house, is nearby; also close is Grant Square, which features a giant bronze sculpture of our 18th president on horseback. 

The St. Marks Hotel of Brooklyn, alas, is no longer. I couldn’t find any background covering the year it bit the dust, but it appears that this building is in its place.

The Dakota of Bedford-Stuyvesant

May 11, 2008

Built in 1889, the Alhambra—on Nostrand Avenue between Halsey and Macon—is a Romanesque Revival beauty: five stories, several turrets, a pointed roof, and 30 apartments (eight room each!). It was designed by Brooklyn’s own Montrose Morris, a starchitect in his day (he’s responsible for the equally stunning Renaissance Apartments and the Bedfordshire Apartments, among others).

This 1902 photo is from a Brooklyn Daily Eagle story, which reported that the building was sold to an investor for $300,000.


Here’s the Alhambra today. It’s still lovely, if a bit weathered, and it fits into a neighborhood loaded with so many other architectural gems.