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The majestic pool at Chelsea’s London Terrace

August 4, 2011

When London Terrace went up in 1930, its developer claimed it to be the biggest apartment complex in the world.

We’re talking 4,110 rooms carved into 1,670 units among 14 buildingsā€”all spread out between Ninth and Tenth Avenues and 23rd and 24th Streets.

And there was one other selling point that made it unique among the other massive apartment towers that had the misfortune of opening just as the Depression hit: a half-Olympic size, lovely 1920s-style indoor pool.

Management at London Terrace still refer to it as “the best pool in New York.” Back in the 1930s, it apparently was enough of a crown jewel to the 3,000 residents, they put it on postcards.

Watch a clip of 1930s residents diving and swimming and having a swell time in their wool bathing suits here, courtesy of the London Terrace website.

I wonder if current residents use it as much as previous tenants seemed to?