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Some very faded ads spotted on the East Side

January 10, 2012

“Students Clothes” the first line of this ad reads, from the side of a turn of the century building on East 12th Street near University Place.

The letters below it are much harder to make out. Something & Co. It’s a reminder that the Village used to be full of manufacturers.

This is all that remains of a furniture ad in the Gramercy-Murray Hill neighborhood. “Room Furniture” I think it says.

“Cloaks & Suits” is all I can make out at the top of this ad, from the side of an Astor Place building. Then the name of the manufacturer, two S words connected by an ampersand.

What a wonderful and ghostly reminder that 100 years ago, women routinely wore cloaks!

[Bottom photo by Sheena Bodden]