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East Side neon signs that give New York its glow

December 8, 2012

All the warm, glowing neon that lights up the evening sky makes the city feel magical and inspiring, especially when it’s dreary and dark outside.


I’ve never been to the Subway Inn, but it’s a legendary dilapidated dive bar on 60th Street off Lexington Avenue, opened in 1934, with an equally legendary sign.


Papaya King is on 86th Street and Third Avenue. They’ve been shilling supercheap hot dogs and papaya drinks for 80 years!

A Brooklyn company’s Art Deco ad

June 11, 2009

From a 1930s New Yorker comes this advertisement for liverwurst hors d’oeuvres. Mmm, sounds like a tasty Depression-era finger food. The ad is pretty snazzy though.


Stahl-Meyer was Brooklyn’s biggest manufacturer of ready-to-eat meat products, according to a 1965 New York Times article. Even cooler: ┬áTheir hot dogs were sold at Ebbets Field.