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Life in a New York University dorm in 1897

January 30, 2014

Today’s NYU students have an array of university housing options available to them. In 1897, dorm options were probably more limited.


This 1897 photo shows the inside of a dorm room at the old University Heights campus in the Bronx, personalized with a horseshoe . . . and boxing gloves? One student is trying to study, the other appears to be playing music . . . college life hasn’t changed.

The caption to the photo, from this fascinating NYU history website, states: “The earliest evidence of university housing is an 1840 list of six students residing in the old University Building on Washington Square.”

NYU had fraternities back then too. Here, some 1890s bros smoke pipes and do bong hits.

A 1990 map of NYU in the East Village

February 23, 2012

Was it really true that New York University only had five academic buildings and residence halls in the entire East Village as recently as spring 1990?

That’s when this map dates to, taken from a course catalog. (Do they still publish course catalogs in the smartphone era?)

Twenty-two years ago, NYU was concentrated around Washington Square, as it still is. But in the years since, as anyone who lives in the neighborhood knows, they’ve built several monster dorms between 12th and 14th Streets.

And the East Village might be in for more development, making this map some kind of small-town vintage relic of a less NYU-oppressive time.