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Fencing team practice high over the Village

July 18, 2016

The New York University fencing team reveals a flair for the dramatic in this 1923 photo—especially the four guys on the edge of the roof beyond the railing.


I’m not sure which building this is, but on the left is the Stanford White–designed Judson Church tower. In the foggy background is an apartment building on Washington Square West/Macdougal Street under construction.

[Photo: NYU archives]

A look at New York University’s class of 1932

May 21, 2012

Born around 1910, these seniors were little kids during World War I, teenagers in the booming but dry 1920s, and then had the misfortune to earn their degrees during the worst economic climate in the history of the nation (hmm, sound familiar?).

A look through their yearbook, The Album, reveals that they were mostly from the New York area (NYU was a commuter school back then) and of Jewish, Italian, and Irish backgrounds.

Their commencement address, delivered at the Bronx campus (NYU’s main campus at the time) also strikes a familiar note. School chancellor Ellsworth Brown, cautioned students about “bow[ing] down in the worship of the dollar”:

“Our economic safeguard . . . is to be found in new standards of life, in a regenerated scale of values and in the spiritual aspirations of mankind,” the chancellor told them.

A few could still be alive today. I hope they had good lives.