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Where Fourth Avenue was wiped off the map

June 23, 2008

Manhattan’s Fourth Avenue currently runs from Cooper Square in the East Village to Union Square, where it becomes the more sylvan-sounding Park Avenue South until 32nd Street.

But this valley of office buildings and manufacturing space wasn’t always so abbreviated.┬áIn the 1800s, Fourth Avenue stretched all the way to 42nd Street. In 1860, the road between 42nd and 32nd was renamed Park Avenue, so it would no longer be associated with the Fourth Avenue rail line that had just been diverted underground. It wasn’t until 1959 when the city council gave 32nd to 17th Streets the Park Avenue South moniker.

A few remnants of the old street name remain, such as this address on the corner of 23rd:

There’s also the Fourth Avenue Building, on East 27th Street, built in 1910: