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A mystery manhole cover on a Midtown block

November 30, 2020

East 44th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues has a history. This stable block became the center of the city’s trotting activity in the 1870s. By the turn of the century, it was home to hotels, clubs, and Delmonico’s on the Fifth Avenue end.

So it follows that this distinguished street would have an unusual manhole cover on the sidewalk on the south side—one that was probably quite pretty a century ago, with glass inside the many holes arranged in a six-sided mystery shape.

Gerard Iron Works is the maker, and this is the first time I’ve seen this ironworks company’s name on a manhole cover in the city. The address is 157th Street and Gerard Avenue…which would place this manufacturer in the Bronx.

Gerard Iron Works may not have lasted long on Gerard Avenue. It looks like by 1916, the company had moved to Nassau County, per a Brooklyn Daily Eagle article.

More old-school city manhole covers

August 20, 2010

Though it seems like the vast majority of city manhole covers are the newer ones (the “Made in India” inscription is the tip-off), plenty of holdovers from an older New York abound.

I like the simplicity of “Water Supply,” decorated with just two stars, on Eastern Parkway near Prospect Park in Brooklyn. 

“Sewer BR” has a cool bike wheel-spokes design. The BR must stand for Bronx, but oddly the cover is located on Broadway in the 150s.

This rectangular cover with a bizarre pattern was spotted in Crown Heights. BE Co., maybe for Brooklyn Edison Company, a forerunner of Con Ed?

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