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Old Chelsea’s winding, romantic Love Lane

February 6, 2013

ChelsealovelanemapWouldn’t it be sweet to live on a Manhattan street called Love Lane? Too bad we’re at least 200 years too late.

This 18th century country road seems to have started at Broadway (then called Bloomingdale Road) and followed a path along 21st Street through today’s Chelsea.

Based on old maps (like the one at left or below, from the Randel Survey) and descriptions, it appears to have cut across a long-defunct thoroughfare known as Fitz Roy Road.

It then curved through 22nd to 23rd Street, meandering over to Tenth Avenue and hugging the water line.


Love Lane is memorialized in old city history guides and newspaper articles as a shaded street that “figures romantically in the early history of New York,” according to a 1920 New York Times article.

“Before the war, Love Lane was [a] popular route for buggyride courtships, highlighted with a romantic trip along the Hudson River that ran along what is now Tenth Avenue,” states the Chelsea Reform Democratic Club website.

Luckily Brooklyn didn’t obliterate their Love Lane. This historic alley has a romantic back story.