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Frozen-in-time stores from 1970s Hell’s Kitchen

December 6, 2012

Back in August, an Ephemeral reader emailed me some photos he had taken in the early 1970s on Ninth Avenue from the West 30s to the 50s as part of a college sociology class.

Hellskitchen1970sa&pI posted four of these wonderful moments of a vanished time: scenes of unglamorous shoppers and neighborhood folks going about their day.

These photos are from the same reader. They focus less on people and more on the storefronts fading fast or gone forever, a small A&P food market (they used to be all over Manhattan) and a no-name barbershop that could never make it today because it has no gimmick and capitalizes on no trend.

[Wait, update: According to readers, the barber shop is still there. A different facade, but they’re still cutting hair!]


If you look at the stores on either side, you can see that one is a Borden’s Ice Cream shop, the other a meat market.

I love the little kid on skates playing hockey in the street. No helmet!