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The “Fort Green” fish market

December 17, 2008

It’s tough to tell when this photo was taken. The Williamsburgh bank building on the left means it must have been post-1929. But the hat and suit on the dude walking in front of the fish market dates the photo anytime from then through the 1950s.

Whatever year this depicts, judging by the empty lot and broken windows, things don’t look good. Who’d have thought that people would one day live in that bank building and pay million-dollar prices for the view?


The “Fort Green” misspelling is interesting. It doesn’t seem like the neighborhood was ever spelled without the e on the end; the nabe was named after Nathaniel Greene, a Revolutionary War general from Rhode Island. But a quick check of The New York Times archives shows that the “e” was often dropped in print in the 19th century.