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Obscure Manhattan phone exchanges

June 9, 2009

This one was spotted in a building on Park Place where some city agencies have offices. SW might stand for Swinburne—but why? The only Swinburne reference I’m aware of is Swinburne Island in New York Harbor.


On East First Street, a reminder of the East Village’s working class past, and the neighborhood’s proximity to GRamercy Park:


Can you repeat the number please?

June 8, 2008

Here are three more old phone exchanges from store signs and the side of a building. First up is this number for Bernard Charles Real Estate on Greenwich and Charles Streets. The typeface looks very 1940s.

On Thompson Street is Frank’s. Gotta love a hand-painted sign.

Finally, Sixth Avenue’s unofficial welcome-to-the-Village sign. Where have you gone, Emil Talamini? An obituary from the New York Times in 1970 describes him as “a real estate broker and investor long active in the Greenwich Village area.” RIP.