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When West 14th Street was “Little Spain”

April 28, 2010

Today, 14th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues is a mix of delis, small shops, and restaurants . . . as well as insane crowds spilling over from the Meatpacking District.

But in the 20th century it was a tiny neighborhood of Spanish immigrants, with a “Little Spain” merchants group and festival featuring flamenco dancers and mechanical bullfighting.

A few remnants of that neighborhood remain. One is Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, built in 1902 inside two 1840s brownstones. (1930 photo, from the NYPL, right)

It’s no longer open for regular church services, but the lovely Spanish baroque facade still makes an impression.

Our Lady of Guadalupe today, with its beautiful balcony and detailing:

The still-active, 142-year-old Spanish Benevolent Society, closer to Eighth Avenue, also remains. They run a decent tapas restaurant on the ground floor of a brownstone.