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Spooky owls perched high above New York

September 19, 2013

These mysterious Halloweenish creatures, symbolizing wisdom and foresight, appear on lots of buildings—like this one below at 11 Stanton Street, built in 1900.


More owls greet you in Midtown. Two identical to the one here guard the entrance of Herald Square, the little patch of green east of Macy’s.

 They were part of a collection of 26 bronze owls perched on top of the headquarters of the New York Herald, the incredible Stanford White-designed building that stood here from 1895 to 1921.


James Gordon Bennett, publisher of the Herald, had a thing for owls. Not only did he decorate his building with them, he reportedly kept live owls as pets and wanted to be buried in an owl-shaped casket.

That last idea didn’t work out. But he did do something similarly spooky: He electrified the eyes of the owls on the Herald Building’s (and now in Herald Square) majestic Minerva statue and clock tower glowed green on the hour.