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A portrait of a New York City lady

February 28, 2009

She’s somebody’s daughter, or mother or sister. And she sure is wearing a heavy-duty crucifix on a chain around her neck. I wonder who held on to her photo for over a hundred years.

someonesmotherportrait1 The portrait was taken at Rockwood Photography, in Union Square. George Rockwood opened his studio in 1857 and competed with Civil War and portrait photographer Mathew Brady, who worked a few blocks away down Broadway.

There’s a nice site devoted to George Rockwood that features some of his portraits, plus a few great old photographs of Union Square.

As for this woman, she remains a mystery.

Now that is some christening gown

September 14, 2008

And that is quite a piece of fur behind it, keeping the little Brooklyn tyke warm while he holds the pose, I’m guessing. What a cute kid. But who was he? Just imagine how many years this portrait was probably propped up on his parents’ mantle. 

L. S. Batterson was Lincoln Batterson, who ran a popular photography studio in the borough. The back of the portrait says “Instantaneous process used exclusively.”