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Rainy sidewalks and streetcar tracks in 1945

December 8, 2014

At Fourth Avenue looking toward Astor Place, Arthur Leipzig took this black and white shot of the street and trolley tracks slick with rain from what looks like a cold, dreary downpour.

The image captures the strange beauty of the city under dark, rainy skies, as well as a provocative moment during an ordinary New York day: pedestrians going on their way, the glow of a single traffic light, parked cars that have accumulated snow.


Leipzig, a wonderful photographer of New York’s moods and moments, passed away last Friday.

The New York Times wrote that “his goal was to capture people — their personalities, problems and potential — at a particular moment in the rush of time; making artfully lighted and carefully rendered portraits was not for him.”

Ephemeral New York is now on Twitter!

January 11, 2014

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First Tweet: Times Square in 1964, slick with rain and beautifully iridescent, from National Geographic (via a post on a new book about New York City trash collection in Collectors’ Weekly).

It feels appropriate for a cool, rainy January.