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What a West Village apartment cost in 1955

September 2, 2013


From the mid-1950s to the advent of Craiglist, the Village Voice was New York’s go-to reference when it came to finding a new apartment, especially if you wanted to live downtown.

And now that years of back issues of the Voice have been digitized, you can check out some of those ads—and the incredible rents some Village living spaces went for.

Even though Greenwich Village has been a pricey place to live for decades, rents were still much cheaper in the Beat era than today.


A 3-room elevator apartment with a fireplace at University and 10th Street? In 1955, it went for $183 a month.

Adjusted for inflation, that would be $1595 in 2013.

If you were willing to live on the Upper West Side in 1955, you could really score a bargain.

Three rooms in an elevator building on West 88th Street and West End Avenue would run you $98 a month—$854 today.