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What Economy Candy looked like in the 1980s

January 30, 2017

Sweets emporium Economy Candy, a beloved time machine of a candy store, got its start on Rivington Street in the 1930s (hence the very Depression-friendly name).


Today the shop has one of New York’s most recognizable old-school signs (above), and its maze of candy bins and shelves of nostalgia brands draw big crowds on weekends—a testament to its reputation as well as the Lower East Side’s revival.

economycandy1980sBut things at 108 Rivington looked very different in the 1980s, when this NYC Department of Records photo was taken.  (Click the thumbnail to see it larger.)

How it looked inside, I have no idea. But outside are boarded-up upper windows, graffiti near the facade—and a sign noting Israeli specialties and Halvah, reflecting the tastes of the neighborhood 30-plus years ago.

29 years of art and activism on Rivington Street

April 29, 2009

ABC No Rio—art gallery, performance space, and “collection of collectives” since 1980—made its home on Rivington Street during the bad old days of the Lower East Side, before it was colonized by tea parlors, hipster hotels, and sneaker boutiques. 


The organization grew out of the 1980 Real Estate Show, during which 30 or so artists occupied an abandoned building on Delancey Street and staged an exhibit. The show lasted a day before the city shut it down.