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The writing on the wall (and the fence post)

November 20, 2008

It’s a nice treat to randomly come across an old tenement building with the names of the intersecting streets spelled out on the structure itself. Like this one here at Tenth Avenue and 17th Street:


It’s even cooler to see a street name carved into an iron fence post, as it is here at St. Mark’s Church on Second Avenue and 10th Street. A little St. Mark’s history and additional images can be found here.



Old-school street signs on buildings

September 8, 2008

If you look up enough, you start to notice a lot of these—building corners with the names of the intersecting streets designed into the structure. 

On an apartment house in the West Village:

On the Tony DaPolito Recreation Center near the Soho border:

In the South Bronx (that’s Brown Place and the obscured 136th Street):

And on a stately apartment building on University Place (corner of West 12th):