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The squirrels that decorate New York buildings

November 17, 2011

Considering how many real little acorn diggers make New York their home, it’s no surprise that architects and designers pay homage to them on city buildings and in parks.

This bushy-tailed squirrel with a fat nut in its hand (paw?) is surrounded by a decorative motif that seems to symbolize fruitfulness.

It appears on a panel outside a long-defunct bank building on Fifth Avenue and 41st Street.

This cast iron squirrel statue guards the entrance to a playground at Stuyvesant Town, where about 100 billion gray or black squirrels scamper around all day, or at least it seems like that on a recent fall afternoon.

These twin squirrels mirror each other above an ornate entrance to a 1922 luxury apartment house at 55 Park Avenue South. They come across kinda evil, no?

A couple more squirrels are on an old Williamsburg Bank building and an Upper East Side apartment building.

Squirrels chomping acorns on New York buildings

March 3, 2011

Not real live squirrels but the kind this blog really gets a kick out of, the ornamental ones decorating offices and apartment towers.

Like this cute critter above, surrounded by leaves and branches, from the former circa-1867 Kings County Savings Bank headquarters just over the Williamsburg Bridge.

Considering how many squirrels live and thrive in city parks and backyards it’s a surprise that they get so little play from architects and designers.

You’ll find many more owls, lions, beavers and even turtles, hares, and insects than squirrel motifs.

On the right is a bushy-tailed guy stuffing his face with an acorn. He adorns an office building on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side.