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St. Vincent’s and the Village movie theater

April 29, 2008

Opened in 1921, the stately Loew’s Sheridan occupied the triangle at Seventh Avenue, 12th Street, and Greenwich Avenue in the West Village. But crowds dwindled, and in 1969, St. Vincent’s Hospital tore down the theater, intending to put an 8-story structure in its place. Hmm, sounds familiar…

Alas, they never did. Instead, St. Vincent’s moved into the Maritime Building next door and built an incinerator on the Loew’s site. That didn’t sit well with neighborhood activists, who remain skeptical of the hospital’s current expansion plans, as this City Review piece outlines.

Freaky trivia: In 1933, a man bought a ticket at the theater with a $5 bill. Turns out it was a marked bill from the Lindbergh baby ransom, leading to the arrest of Bruno Hauptmann, reports a 1935 New York Times article. 

(New-York Historical Society photo)