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The hats on the 23rd Street subway platform

October 1, 2012

Ever take the N/R train and wonder why there are so many mosaic images of hats lining the platform walls?

It’s an art installation called Memories of Twenty-Third Street. Artist Keith Godard pays homage to the famous men and women who a century ago would have frequented the area around 23rd Street and Broadway, where the station is located.

“From the 1880s through the 1920s, 23rd Street was a major vaudeville, entertainment, and cultural district, and ‘Ladies Mile,’ the fashion and department store haven of the time, was located nearby,” states the MTA’s Arts for Transit website.

The hats are stand-ins for the celebs of the day, among them Lily Langtry, Sarah Bernhardt, Isadora Duncan, P.T. Barnum (that’s his top hat in the center photo).

Marie Curie and Winslow Homer are represented in the top pic, and the fancy hats of vaudeville actress Fay Templeton and suffragist Maud Nathan are in the third photo.