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Taking a field trip back to the 1970s

May 1, 2009

There’s just something about a mid-1970s class picture—the kids are so adorably goofy in those wide collars and bright colors, you can’t not look. 


Before it began billing itself as “The Greenwich Village School,” it was plain-old P.S. 41 on West 11th Street and Sixth Avenue. And in the cash-strapped 1970s, a kindergarten class with 32 kids and one teacher was perfectly acceptable.

Smile, kids, it’s class picture time

October 13, 2008

Class pictures are always good for a few laughs, and they reveal some neat details about what a school used to be like and the kinds of kids who attended it.

This photo shows a first grade class in a Brooklyn public elementary school in 1913. Apparently boys and girls were segregated by gender at that age, because it looks like the class is girls-only. And school must have been serious business, since not one little girl is smiling. 

But those hair bows and white dresses sure are cute.

Sixty years later, first-graders have loosened up quite a bit, judging from this picture taken in 1976 at PS 41 in the Village. The class of boys and girls is still large by today’s standards, with over 30 kids. Everyone looks pretty goofy, and there are lots of smiles . . . and vintage 70s outfits.