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Ephemeral New York is now on Twitter!

January 11, 2014

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First Tweet: Times Square in 1964, slick with rain and beautifully iridescent, from National Geographic (via a post on a new book about New York City trash collection in Collectors’ Weekly).

It feels appropriate for a cool, rainy January.

A photographer captures Times Square in color

April 12, 2012

Born in Paris in 1906 and trained as an architect, Andreas Feininger arrived in New York in 1939.

He soon landed a job as a staff photographer for Life magazine, which lasted into the early 1960s.

In that time, he had the opportunity to shoot all kinds of people and places. He’s known for his sweeping black and white vistas of the city skyline, buildings, and industry.

But it’s his color photos of 1950s Times Square that capture something magical and luminous.

The eerie glow of billboard lights, sidewalks slick with rain, and faceless bodies milling about under theater marquees depict Times Square’s midcentury beauty and mystery.

“I see the city as a living organism: dynamic, sometimes violent, and even brutal,” he reportedly said.

See more of Feininger’s haunting, glorious New York photos (mostly in black and white) here.