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When Longacre Square became Times Square

November 14, 2022

I’m not sure what year this postcard dates to, but the image offers a few clues. For starters, that’s the then-new New York Times building in the center of the image. The opening of the Times headquarters in 1904 triggered the name change from Longacre Square to Times Square.

On the right there’s another notable building, with porthole windows across a mansard roof. This was the Hotel Astor, constructed in 1905 and at the time one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. What you can’t see is its fabulous roof garden—a dreamy place to go in a city largely without air conditioning.

Times Square in 1905 isn’t quite the crossroads of the world just yet. But with a major newspaper anchoring the square, plus a plethora of hotels, and theaters already occupying this junction, it’s well on its way.

[Postcard: MCNY; X2011.34.878]

The area known as “Upper Broadway” in 1911

September 23, 2013

Is this really Upper Broadway? It is if Times Square is your idea of upper—as it must have been to New Yorkers in 1905, about the time this postcard dates to.


Times Square at night is alive and electric: There’s the Times Building, behind it the Hotel Astor, and in the front part of the Metropolitan Opera House.

This photo from 1912 gives a clearer view of the same scene. Here’s a postcard that looks at the Times Building facing downtown in 1911.