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A cool old laundromat sign on Ninth Avenue

August 22, 2013

Walking around Chelsea is a little like stepping into a way-back machine these days.

Recently, some vintage signs near Eighth Avenue have returned into view, serving as unexpected glimpses of this once not-so-hot neighborhood’s small-business past.


Now another emerges: the worn signage from a laundromat and dry cleaning shop on Ninth Avenue and 22nd Street.

Any guesses on how old these letters are? I detect a 1970s vibe.

Thanks to JS for sending ENY the pic!

Vintage store signs under Eighth Avenue awnings

May 15, 2013

Hidden pieces of an older New York are peeking through a couple of contemporary storefronts on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea.


This generic deli awning on the corner at 21st Street doesn’t conceal the previous tenant, the perfectly straightforward Chelsea Wine & Liquor Company.


A little further up the same side of the street is this old-school signage for Chelsea Merit Florists (minus the final two letters).

Another sign tells us they’ve been in business since 1930—but these days, the Merit is gone from the name.

Funeral Designs—interesting service to advertise on a storefront!