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New York’s iconic diner signs

February 3, 2010

The menus: pages and pages long. The food: reliable and cheap but rarely great. The signs: cool and iconic, with a 1960s space-age kind of typeface.

And they typically spell “seafood” as two words, as the Washington Square diner sign states on Sixth Avenue and West Fourth, above.

The Washington Square also bills itself as a “Coffee Shop.” Very 1960s folk scene.

The Chelsea Square diner sign, on Ninth Avenue and 23rd Street, also has the sea food and chops thing going.

I’d say the Capitol Restaurant, on Upper Broadway in Inwood, qualifies as a diner because of the faux stone exterior.

Joe Jr’s is no longer at Sixth Avenue and 12th Street. It closed last July after 45 years and probably a million cheeseburger deluxes served.

EV Grieve has a post up today about the ghostly space Joe Jr left behind. I wonder where the sign went?