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Where Seventh Avenue once abruptly ended

May 1, 2010

This 1912 photo shows what was then the end of Seventh Avenue, with Greenwich Avenue to  the left and West 11th Street on the right.

It looks quaint and Village-like, but it wouldn’t last much longer.

City officials had already decided to extend Seventh Avenue to Varick Street to build the IRT Seventh Avenue subway. A lengthened Seventh Avenue would also improve traffic flow downtown, they reasoned.

So the headquarters of Monahan’s, a shipping company, met the wrecking ball a year later. And a not particularly attractive thoroughfare christened Seventh Avenue South came into existence.

Here’s the same stretch of the Village today. In the 1912 photo, you can see the fence of St. Vincent’s Hospital at the far left. The ghost of the hospital is still there.