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Old-school phone booths hiding around the city

March 22, 2012

What a pair of beauties: Two wooden phone booths with hinged doors that close all the way and stools to relax on while you make your call.

In the left booth, a light even goes on when you shut the door.

They’re at Montero’s, the divey but warm Brooklyn bar at the river end of Atlantic Avenue.

The bartender said they were there when the place opened in this spot in 1947.

This row of phone booths, in the basement of the Whitney Museum, isn’t made of wood.

But they are actual booths, which is pretty rare these days, and worth noting.

I have no idea when they date to, but it’s from a time when museum directors had no idea the cell phone era was on its way.

Check out more examples of the phone booths still holding on around the city.