The UK Daily Mail COPIES an Ephemeral NY story

Coincidence? One day after Ephemeral New York ran a post about the heartbreaking notes pinned to babies left at the Foundling Asylum, the UK Daily Mail ran a startlingly similar piece, with the same photos, notes, and practically the same text word for word.

Interestingly, the Daily Mail article has no byline; it was written by a “Daily Mail Reporter.” It also includes no reference to the Ephemeral New York post that seemed to have inspired (and I use that term loosely) it.

Special thanks to Daily Mail commenter Michael for writing in about that paper “borrowing” Ephemeral’s story:

6 Responses to “The UK Daily Mail COPIES an Ephemeral NY story”

  1. sallieparker Says:

    The ‘UK Daily Mail’??? It’s called the Daily Mail, and it’s in London. That is in England. When you call it the UK Daily Mail you make it sound like some nasty national newsletter with special attention to Londonderry and Antrim.

  2. sophielelliott Says:

    It is a nasty national newsletter!!! Glad they said spoke up about “borrow” your stuff!!

  3. Kim Says:

    Good for you speaking up about the blatant borrowing of your story. You worked hard on it. I would be embarassed to take something that clearly wasn’t mine and call it such. Shameful.

  4. Glen h Says:

    Not the first time this has happened- they copied stuff from Cracked in August!

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