“The Sun: It Shines for All”

This (broken) thermometer, along with an identical-looking clock, has been greeting passersby on Broadway and Chambers Street since 1917, when the New York Evening Sun moved into the building. 

The Evening Sun, famous for running the “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” editorial in 1897 as well as a fake story by Edgar Allen Poe in 1844 about crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a balloon, merged with the New York World-Telegram in 1950.

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8 Responses to ““The Sun: It Shines for All””

  1. Steve Says:

    The former Sun building was build as the A.T. Stewart Department Store. Known as the Marble Palace, it was the largest and most sumptuous store of its day. Stewart later moved up to Broadway and Ninth St, occupying the entire block of B’way, 10th St, 4th Ave and 9th St, and then expanded across 9th St and built the building that still stands and is occupied by KMart. When the subway was built, it was fashionable to have an entrance directly into the subway, which is why KMart still does into the Astor Pl. station. The block to the north now holds the Stewart House apartment building. The block of Ninth betw. B’way and 4th Ave is also named Wannamaker Pl after the Philadelphia dept. store chain that took over Stewart’s.

  2. Nancy Says:

    the buildings owner should fix the clocka nd thermometer

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