The beautiful tenement of West 51st Street

“Beautiful” and “tenement” don’t generally go together; tenements were intended to be cheap housing for the masses, and for the most part, developers didn’t care much for aesthetics.

But sometimes you come across one with incredible ornamental details, like this five-story walkup in Hell’s Kitchen—the twin of a similarly detailed tenement next door.

Above and below the windows are swirls of terra cotta leaves, flowers, birds, and angels.

It’s a lush and lively facade. The developer must have wanted his building to stand out, and it does.

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5 Responses to “The beautiful tenement of West 51st Street”

  1. Devorah Tarrow Says:

    You’ve got to see the website for wonderful words about many places of beauty in NYC!

  2. laurencefrommer Says:

    What is exact address? Would love to see it !

  3. laurencefrommer Says:

    What is exact address? I’d love to see it in person ! Glorious!

  4. Gian Luca Ferme Says:

    This one is at 317 West 51st Street.

  5. Gian Luca Ferme Says:

    316 West 51st Street, sorry. The building is from 1920, so that is past the tenement house period the neighborhood was (in)famous for. That should explain the decorations.

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