Smile, kids, it’s class picture time

Class pictures are always good for a few laughs, and they reveal some neat details about what a school used to be like and the kinds of kids who attended it.

This photo shows a first grade class in a Brooklyn public elementary school in 1913. Apparently boys and girls were segregated by gender at that age, because it looks like the class is girls-only. And school must have been serious business, since not one little girl is smiling. 

But those hair bows and white dresses sure are cute.

Sixty years later, first-graders have loosened up quite a bit, judging from this picture taken in 1976 at PS 41 in the Village. The class of boys and girls is still large by today’s standards, with over 30 kids. Everyone looks pretty goofy, and there are lots of smiles . . . and vintage 70s outfits.

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16 Responses to “Smile, kids, it’s class picture time”

  1. AdrianLesher Says:

    The 1913 photo wasn’t just segregated by gender.

  2. Lidian Says:

    I have a handful of those 1970s class pictures, and this one looks SO much like mine. Even the colors of the clothing (heavy on the red and blue).

    My school was on the Upper East Side.

  3. Kster Says:

    I’m so glad I got to be a little kid in the 1970s. My wardrobe has never rocked harder.

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    I can relate. I do miss my 1970s iron-on t-shirts.

  5. Jasmine Says:

    This is too funny. I found my 1st grade class picture. Thanks for posting this. Most all our photos were destroyed.

  6. wildnewyork Says:

    Jasmine, is this really your class picture? I’m second from right in the first row.

    • Michelle Reynolds Says:

      You’re sitting in-between Nicole Montoya and Lisa (forget her last name). I had a ton of friends in that class…

  7. Michelle Says:

    OMG, I was at P.S. 41 this same year. Nicole Montoya is sitting next to you in that photo wildnewyork!!
    Any idea where i can get a copy of Ms. Ponzini’s class from the same year?

  8. wildnewyork Says:

    Hey fellow PS 41-er, I love that you recognize someone from my first-grade class! I don’t remember Ms. Ponzini but I bet if you went to the school they’d let you make a copy of the class photo you’re looking for. Several years ago they posted all the class photos from 1976-1977 in a display case for some reason, so I know they have them.

  9. Michelle Says:

    I KNOW!!! I was walking by the school then and i saw those but i did not see any of the class i was in.
    I work near by so i think I’ll just go in and ask….wonder if Bea still works in the office.
    I just sent that photo to a few of the people i know in that pic and they are freaking out! LOL
    P.S. 41 Rocks….I work with a girl who went to P.S. 3….FEH! lol

  10. wildnewyork Says:

    Among the many things I loved about PS 41 was how many kids were in each class. This class has 33; I think my kindergarten class had about 40. It’s probably against school rules to have one teacher take care of so many kids now. But we had fun!

  11. A 1970s Greenwich Village class photo « Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] a kick out of city class photos from the 1970s and 1913 here. Share this:TwitterLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  12. Dante L Venegas Says:

    Anyone have a 1970 thru 1972 first and second grade?

  13. Michael Wong Says:

    I’m in this picture! Tiny kid in the second row standing right in front of Ms. Morledge.

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