Lee Harvey Oswald’s South Bronx years

Lee Harvey Oswald is usually associated with New Orleans, the city of his birth; the Soviet Union, where he defected to in 1959; or Dallas, for obvious reasons. But he actually spent a few years living in the South Bronx when he was 13 and 14 years old.

In 1952, after moving to New York City with his mother and brothers, he lived in a couple of different apartments near the Grand Concourse, attending Junior High 117 and then Junior High 44, according to a November 1963 New York Times story.











Lee Harvey Oswald as a kid. His Bronx class picture perhaps?

All was not well with young Lee, however. The Times article quotes a next-door neighbor, Gussie Keller, saying that Mrs. Oswald was concerned about her son, who was in trouble for skipping school. She “used to talk to me all the time and cry,” Keller said. The Oswalds returned to New Orleans in 1954.

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One Response to “Lee Harvey Oswald’s South Bronx years”

  1. Thaddeus Buttmunch Says:

    I’m a Midwesterner, but a South Bronx history geek. I applied for a rotating externship at Bronx Lebanon, 1989-1990, but was turned down. I took one at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, not a Great are either, but better than the “Bleb” one. LHO lived on Sheridan, then 179th street, in the West Farms section. That latter tenement looked OLD in the photos. I wonder if/when it burned down in the years-long wave of arson, or was simply abandoned?? A new building went up in its’ place.

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