The glorious East Side midtown skyline in 1935

It’s a gleaming mix of old and new in this postcard. There’s the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, and in the forefront an old brewery and tenements.

They look like they’re soon to meet the wrecking ball.

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5 Responses to “The glorious East Side midtown skyline in 1935”

  1. Bookpod Says:

    Something so “science fiction-y invasion of the world” about this skyline…

  2. Paul Says:

    It is a bit off. What are the two tall buildings that shouldn’t be there north of the Empire State Building and The Chrysler building. Not only that but if it’s looking on the East Side from Brooklyn the Empire State Building should be on the right side not the left side. This is like that etching of the view underneath the Brooklyn Bridge that was posted here a week ago. Science Fiction indeed!

  3. Paul Says:

    Maybe this is looking at the West Side of Manhattan not the East Side?

  4. artsink Says:

    This is the view from the 59th st bridge looking south

  5. Dan Davis Says:

    I believe the tall building just to the south of the brewery property is River House on East 52nd, and the U-shaped building at far right is 1 Sutton Place South.

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