Where 1980s cool kids got their hair cut

Second Avenue’s Industrial Hair specialized in “ultrashort, severe, androgynous styles” reported an August 1984 New York magazine piece on where to shop in the East Village.

“Local residents consider Industrial Hair one of the best of these salons,” the writer states in an item about creative and avant-garde hair cutting spots.

“It’s high-tech, with rubber-tile floors and Pirelli garbage cans. A whip (for clients who fidget?) hangs ominously from an iron bar near the ceiling.”

This Industrial Hair ad comes from the October 1983 East Village Eye.

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11 Responses to “Where 1980s cool kids got their hair cut”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I just wanted to make a comment because I love these old ads so much Keep ’em coming!!

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Thanks…there are plenty more where this one came from!

  3. Upstate Ellen Says:

    The woman in the ad reminds me of a character in the (1980s) sci fi movie “Liquid Sky”!

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    She looks like Angela Bowie to me.

  5. call me Says:

    I got one heck of a mohawk at Industrial once, but Carlo Manfredi’s “Hairpower” on St. Marks was the greatest place for a haircut for decades. Carlo was a talented, eccentric, east village stalwart who passed away in 2004. RIP Carlo!

    • Richard Says:

      I worked at Hairpower in the early 80s. Carlo was crazy but I liked him. He used me in some of hairpowers ads. Rip. Richard Zimmerman.

  6. Ŗivẹt Says:

    Thanks for posting this old ad. 🙂

  7. Monica Says:

    Jeep, the proprietor, was a tough lady. If you were late more than once, she’d refuse to ever cut you again.

  8. Zoé Says:

    This is a funny ad! I remember the hairstylist w/ the rockabilly haircut & clothing who worked either there or at the other place on St.Marks mentioned in this thread or both. He was also in a band & his girlfriend was a writer & performance artist (& practicing ‘witch’) who wore all black & knee length skirts & shoulder length natural corkscrew curls. That Viva (from The Factory) look. Basically the type of girl Marc Bolan/T.Rex sang about (“in black”). People forget that a lot of people in the whole glitter rock period were sans glitter – as they dressed in black from head to toe. (Years prior to so called Goth). This hairstylist wore a lot of rockabilly reds etc. though. Including his boots.

    We used to cut our own hair. And cut each other’s hair. (And once in awhile I let my sister who was a professional hairstylist cut my hair for free. Or her x-fiancé also a professional – who worked at Jean Louis David at Bendels; but now goes by a single name – of course lol – & does high fashion editorial & photo shoot & runway internationally. Also he cut my hair for free).

    And colour our own hair. And pierce our own ears. Nobody I knew paid for haircuts then (late 70s/early 80s). I once coloured my hair olive green by accident & when I went uptown to my sister’s x to cut it off; the colourist was falling all over the colour – asking me how I did it & saying he’d been trying to get that olive colour for ages. It was simply black henna that turned green on my resistant Arab Asian medium ash brown hair. It is more difficult to get an olive colour. But especially back then.

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