New York’s evolving dog waste sign (and fine)

New York City has had a pooper scooper law in effect since 1978. Over the years, the look of the sign and the amount of the maximum fine have changed. But it’s confusing; depending on your neighborhood, you may be getting some outdated information.

This South Bronx sign looks like it’s been there since the late 1970s. The fine: $25–$200 (it’s at the bottom, a little rusty):

A sign on Amsterdam Avenue in the 90s has a different look and a different penalty, as well as a few facts about why you’re supposed to clean up after your dog in the first place:

These two signs, the first one found on the Grand Concourse and the second in Park Slope, agree on the fine, but the second one seems a little more threatening (“It’s the law”):


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4 Responses to “New York’s evolving dog waste sign (and fine)”

  1. klein3351f Says:

    These are great. That last ones apparently request that you literally try and catch the droppings before they hit the ground.

  2. NYC Pooper Scooper Laws | SnifNYCDogs Says:

    […] city through faded and forgotten artifacts” and they recently decided to chronicle pooper scooper signs/laws in the 5 […]

  3. Rich Mintz » Blog Archive » Shaking up the NYC Ministry of Web Services Says:

    […] a shining example, and the city has been in the forefront of signage design for forty years (see this or this, or virtually anything produced by the DDC). ShareThis var shared_object = […]

  4. A 1951 city sign aimed at unruly dog owners « Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] It’s a very genteel reprimand: no mention of cleaning up after the dog, and no reference to pooper scooper laws—which actually didn’t exist until 1978. […]

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