Two more old Manhattan phone exchanges

This first one was spotted on a building off Lafayette Street near Bond Street.

Strangely, it has the EM for Empire that indicated a Brooklyn or Queens phone number.

I guess the alarm company was located in one of these boroughs (kind of scary if you were stuck in the elevator, having to wait for someone to come rescue you from across the East River).

The Little Wolf Cabinet shop, launched in 1956, is still located in the East 80s, one of the last of German Yorkville’s old-school businesses.

RE is for Rector or Regent.

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7 Responses to “Two more old Manhattan phone exchanges”

  1. T.J. Connick Says:

    (718)EMpire 1-7200 is a number that connects you to Curtis Elevator on 36th Street in Long Island City. Little Wolf’s is (212)REgent 4-1116.

    The old REctor exchange was REctor 2.

    I can get a laugh out of old-time locals by giving my home number as “YEllowstone 2-….” instead of “932-….”. It is another ancient Long Island City exchange.

    Here find a set of pages that must have involved a lot of work.

  2. petey Says:

    our first phone number was RE7-5978. amazing that i still remember it.

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    I can easily remember my phone number as a small kid: 254-8359. But I have a very hard time remembering anyone’s number (or birthday, or any numerical info of any kind) now.

  4. Billy Adler Says:

    Great German Yorkville Photo Album! Enjoy!

  5. Ann Sumner Says:

    i found an old piece of artwork, it looks like it was originally a Cross @ Dimmitt Postcard, that someone painted. The sticker on the back is partly gone, the onkly thing I can read is (?) Artistic Pictures Regent 4 (?) 1062 Third Ave. Bet 62nd & 63rd St. New York. If anyone knows anything about the studio, or frame shop or artist, or that address that would be great.

    thanks, ann

  6. Faded ad reveals an old Brooklyn phone exchange | Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] exchange spotting is always fun, and there’s plenty of signs and ads still left in the city that have them. Just keep your eyes […]

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