An East Village nightlife guide from 1985

A lot has changed in the 26 years since the East Village Eye published this guide to the neighborhood’s coolest bars and restaurants (bar drinks $1 till 10 pm, for starters).

The Ritz went back to being known as Webster Hall; CBGB, Downtown Beirut, and 8BC, among others, bit the dust; and perhaps strangest of all: the Palladium is now Palladium Hall, a towering New York University dormitory.

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21 Responses to “An East Village nightlife guide from 1985”

  1. Joly MacFie Says:

    I don’t recall the World being called “The World’s End” but it’s not inappropriate! Amongst other things I recall the World made a mark on the L.E.S. when the staff carried out a flyposter campaign demanding their unpaid wages !

  2. mykola (mick) dementiuk Says:

    I was in Downtown Beirut a few times and always got in a fight with some skinheads, fists and blood went flying. Was between 9th and 10th Streets, I remember that. Boy, the area was tough in those days.

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    I remember Downtown Beirut only because they didn’t card!

  4. Upstate Ellen Says:

    I’ve been to Webster Hall and never realized it was the same place as the Ritz, where I attended many concerts in the ’80s! How funny.

  5. John M Says:

    Well, Ellen, just proves you had a reeeeally good time back then.

  6. John M Says:

    Oh, and….Roxy Music at the Palladium in 1979, the ‘Manifesto’ tour. Man, that was good.

  7. Allen Says:

    The Cat Club was my home away from home

  8. Joly MacFie Says:

    @Upstate Ellen ; Well, in a manner of speaking, it isn’t the same place. Not att all.

  9. Rockrose Development Says:

    It’s a bit tragic to see some legendary landmarks come and go. C.B.G.B. will always have a strong presence in New York City, event years after its closing. Us New Yorkers like to know our history =)

  10. Patti Sirens Says:

    I was the bass player of Mistaken Identity-we played No Se No a bunch of times. Once the ceiling above us leaked water all over our equipment while we were playing! Pretty fun place!

  11. Marc Jeffrey Says:

    Remember all the bars, and played gigs in most of the clubs. Lismar Lounge was home of the Love Club. Bar/King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut was previously A7. I Lived next door to the Ritz. Fun times.

  12. Courtney Shapiro Says:

    I started NYU in the fall of 1985. The blurb you posted looks like my 1st year course schedule! One thing about being in your 40s is being able to say: “I saw The Pretenders at the Palladium!”

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  14. tacony palmyra Says:

    WCOU/Tile Bar is still there, and still has a good jukebox last I visited.

    Lismar Lounge is now DBA. JJ’s is now Coyote Ugly. King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut is now Niagara.

  15. Ed Newman Says:

    Princess Pamela’s was the greatest! Great food custom made for you by Princess, great band led by her husband, and Princess would sashay out in something clingy (impressive on a woman of her substantial build). If you went with four or more people you pretty much owned the place for the night. I spend many, wonderful nights there with groups of friends, or dates. Princess Pamela made a first date’s jaw drop, when she us: “And how will you and Mrs. Newman be spending the rest of the weekend?”

  16. Marlonbrando Says:

    I love those days . ….pure fun…

  17. Marlonbrando Says:

    I love it still

  18. Dan Ogden Says:

    Alcatraz? Spiral? Save The Robots? Park Inn Tavern?

    Think “The World’s End” may be The World

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