Manhattan building ads fading before our eyes

We’re losing them—the white (and sometimes color) ads painted on the sides of buildings left over from an older, non-digital New York.

I can make out the “Sable Bros” part of this one, on 36th Street. But to figure out what the white letters fronting the blue background, I had to consult the wonderful 14 to 42 website, which photographed the ad when it was in better shape back in 2004.

This next one, in the 20s off Seventh Avenue, is too far gone to even try to research, except for what seems to be the word “paper” at top.

If anyone can figure it out, please send it in!

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9 Responses to “Manhattan building ads fading before our eyes”

  1. Dave Says:

    I used to work at 666 Broadway, which sits next to a building with a 3-story tall, 100-year-old ad with a man on a horse. The ad is only visible from the airshaft windows at 666. I wonder how many other great old ads are similarly preserved, somewhat insulated from the elements.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    It sounds very cool, a century-old ad only visible by the lucky people who work near a specific airshaft. I love that New York is filled with secrets like that.

  3. Frank H Jump Says:

    Went to visit a few today while doing research for my book. Omega Oil still brilliant in its emerald splendor. I think this ad, despite my metaphorical analogies, will outlive me.

  4. Frank H Jump Says:

    PS: That pic is here. Was a front page for me in 2000;

    Click to access oldyork.pdf

  5. Frank H Jump Says:

    Hunter’s Baltimore Rye. The same image that was uncovered in Lincoln Center:

  6. wildnewyork Says:

    FJ, I love the photos you’ve taken–so rich, they transport me back to another era. Can you tell me a little about the book?

    Omega Oil and Schmuck’s are both near my office. I love gazing at them on walks. I hope the outlive me.

  7. Ben Ingersoll Says:

    I love this stuff! The ghosts of the past are fading before our very eyes.

  8. Frank H Jump Says:

    Where is your office located? I thought Young & Schmuck was long since demolished? Omega Oil is uptown in Harlem. Where you at?

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